Bonus for casino slots: a benefit to use

Blood-stirring sounds of the spinning reels, images flashing on the screen, never-ending free spins – that is how the dream of any slot admirer looks like. But there is one more factor of no small importance to start the game: online casinos can grant deposit-free bonuses to newcomers upon registration. A bonus is the money that the user will see on his account, a welcome gift from the administration of the site. It cannot, of course, be transferred to your wallet immediately, but it should suffice for you to learn the ropes and to find out which games gladden you most.

How to get a deposit-free bonus upon registration

Nowadays, clubs on the Web fervently compete with one another. In order to win the users over, many casinos, and 777 being no exception, do their best to outshine the rivals: not only they broaden the range of classic and modern slots, make use of advertising, or hold tournaments, but also offer real money bonuses. These are given for registration: as soon as the user fills in the form, a certain sum is put on his account.

However, not each online casino is willing to part with the money straightaway. The new registrees are also expected to bring something to the party: they have to ‘work off’ their gifts by playing casino slot machines. Sometimes, the bonus expires within an hour and disappears if not won back.

Some casinos offer a deposit-free bonus only to those who have a special coupon. In this case, the coupon holder should enter the code when registering on the online site. The real money are then put on the account and one can play the slot machines in the for-money mode. No download is necessary, but the stable connection is a must: it would be quite a shame to get cut off from the server right when a free spin or a special round bechances you.

Optimal use of bonuses at the online casino

Online casinos grant real deposit-free bonuses not to those who wish to withdraw these funds for a mere thank you. These are offered for the fortune hunters who try to improve their financial status by taking their chances with slots at casinos day by day. Although there are no tips and tricks to ensure winning a jackpot, one could start with a few simple steps:

  • register by completing the form;
  • choose the favourite online slot machine;
  • find the bets with the highest yields;
  • enjoy the game.

If playing the chosen slot happens to be fruitless, just experiment with some other ones. The expert players say that hot off the press products are the most giving. Remember, slots favour those who play!

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